Bowen for the Dynamic You.



There have been lots of theories put forward in the past about how and why Bowen Technique works. Believe it or not there are many people who, conversely, say that we don’t need to know how, " it just works so go with it", Well they may be right, but these days there is a need for evidence as to how and why techniques such as Bowen work. If we are to gain acceptance from the medical community and wider use within the health profession, there is a need for a better understanding of what exactly happens during a Bowen Technique treatment.



Are you fed up with pain and that niggling ache?

Bowen is a gentle manual soft tissue release therapy. It involves
applying gentle movements over soft tissues, tendons and
ligaments using fingers and thumbs on the body. This is done
over clothing and relief is regularly felt immediately. There is
no adjustment or manipulation, and it is suitable for all ages.
Bowen promotes the body to re-align and re-balance itself.
It helps the body’s own healing, pain relief and energy.

Effective, gentle and relaxing Bowen is successfully used for many conditions including: 

Back / neck pain, joint pain (hips, knees, shoulders, elbows), asthma, hay fever and respiratory complaints, migraines, menstrual / menopausal problems, fertility issues, chronic fatigue, digestive problems including infant colic and IBS, sciatic-type pain, sports injuries, trauma (even long after the event), stress and sleep difficulties. 


The aim of the Bowen Technique is to balance the whole person, not just the symptoms. One of the most interesting areas of the body is the brain; its basic function is to receive information from our sensory organs, such as sound, light, pain, movement and interpret this information, The brain has the ability to recognise itself by forming new neural connections known as  ‘Neuroplasticity’ meaning conscious communication within our body. There are around 600,000 signals of information that travel from the brain into the body every second and these then come back to the brain and are interpreted to be sent back out to be reacted to. Whenever we hear, feel, see or even think of something, the brain responds by recalling past experiences to categorise the sensation and create an appropriate response to the new environment. The brain cannot do this instantly, which is why the Bowen Technique will include pauses between the precise sets of moves (during which the therapist may leave the room).


During a Bowen Treatment, the client is lying down and relaxed and therefore the body can nearly always be reposed to the sensation of the moves effecting a rapid and deep relaxation. The client will often say that they feel a warm and tingling sensation on the area that has just been worked on, “It felt like your hands were still on me,” is a common comment. The Bowen Technique uses light touch and it is often difficult to understand how little ‘hands on work ‘ is needed during a session. It is not unusual for the client to walk out of a treatment having felt that little or no improvement has occurred other than the deep sense of relaxation. 
However, the reactions to the Bowen Technique in the days following a treatment can often be deceptive. Though it seems so gentle at the time, in the following days, clients may experience stiffness, soreness, headaches and feeling like “I’ve been run over by a bus” . This is an excellent indicator that the brain and body have started the process of repair and self healing. The body's response to the treatment is generally rapid, and it is not uncommon for even longstanding pain to be reduced or resolved within two or three treatments. Musculoskeletal problems account for the majority of conditions treated using the Bowen Technique. Issues such as back and neck pain, and frozen shoulder are the most common. It can also be helpful with more organic problems for example, stress and hormonal issues. However, please be aware due to the nature of some of the moves that are performed around the groin area; e.g ischial, ramus, pubic areas, it is vital that you advise me of this before treatment is carried out. You may immediately feel a release taking place, however the full effect of the treatment may take a little longer. A couple of follow-up treatments is usually all that is needed to stabilise the initial corrections, although this will be different for each individual.



All treatments are offered at your home.

It is suggested that you wear light, loose and comfortable clothing. The treatment is carried out with the client laying on a Therapy Bed and therefore please ensure that you have a room available with space to set up the table and to walk around the whole table.

First treatment 75 minutes, subsequent treatments 60 minutes

Pre paid and booked in advance

2 treatments £100 

3 treatments £130 

6 weeks maintenance price to be confirmed after initial two treatments



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