My Story

Hi, I'm Polly. 

My aim is to provide professional holistic and friendly, Bowen Technique and Reflexology treatments to help self-heal the body and mind. 

I am a very down to earth person and I question everything! So one night, when I woke up in the middle of the night knowing that I had to qualify in Bowen Technique, my first question was "Why?". I then I realised that I wanted to be able to help people with chronic pain, to promote well-being and to gain a much greater and in depth awareness of anatomy and physiology. I started investigating and found the College of Bowen Studies ‘technique’. During the course I gained so much more then just knowledge of Bowen and how it works. I also found myself and my passion and a huge empathy to help people, particularly those ‘who just wade on though life! " because society expects it from us as human beings. 

My journey into Reflexology happened two years ago, having witnessed first hand the benefits felt by a terminally ill patient, ‘my Dad’. During a Reflexology treatment it seemed to take his mind off the horrific news he would never be able to walk again and that the cancer was no longer treatable. He seemed to take a deep breath, relax and find his peace. 

It was a direct result of this experience that I took a Reflexology course. Sadly this was a week after we'd said a final goodbye. I qualified as a Reflexologist in July 2018 and have thoroughly enjoyed been in practice ever seen. 

During my journey, what has fascinated me most is the way Bowen and Reflexology can have a huge positive health and well-being impact on a person’s outlook to every day life.